Flying Fish

Flying Fish were formed in 1997, a collaboration of two musical talents, Malachi Trout & Ed Moris. Prior to that, Malachi was writing and co-producing with the Herbaliser Jake & Olile (Ninja Tune), releasing tracks such as “Ginger Jumps the Fence”,”40 winks”, “Mr Chombie has the Floor” & “Wall Crawling Giant Human Insect breaks” to name but a few. Whilst also creating funk compilations for Hubbub Records, “Funky Jams 4 & 5”, “Soul Selection 1 & 2”   and “Jazzier Rhythms 1 & 2”. Malachi has also worked closely over the years with Gerald Short at Jazzman records.

Ed was running Woolly Mammoth records, a vehicle for his eight-piece funk outfit, “Pushmipullyu”. Over the next few years he went on to start two drum and bass labels, Federation Records, and Central Intelligence. During this time, he released a number of well-received dance floor fillers, by DJ Kalm, vocal outfit ‘Citizen and Flying Fish, regularly receiving props and airplay from the likes of Fabio and Mary Ann Hobbs. Currently creating music for TV and Radio production company Delicious Digital.

Ed & Malachi met working together in a Kingston record shop. The pair were really into jazz funk and loved playing with beats. So they started off creating drum & bass with a jazzy overtone. So off to Ed’s converted bedroom studio, armed with an Atari computer, Clavinet Keyboard  Fender Rhodes and a Hammond organ in the garage and Malachi’s bag full of funky breaks and samples. Both set out creating sample sandwiches and funky soul food beats. Their first finished recordings ended up being Drum and Bass, hence Malachi’s name for the band.  The fast pace of drum and bass made me imagine a fast moving object, that had something to do you our names, Hah simple a FLYING FISH, who’s ever heard of a fast Morris Minor, let alone a Flying Moris.


1998 “Storyteller EP” – Federation records”Red Dog Saloon” remixes – Federation records
1999 “Theme EP” – Federation records
2000 “”Blow””- Federation records 12″
“Lucy’s Song” – Cookin Records 10″ vinyl & Cd  / Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel Sessions cd compilation
“”Sunrain”Remix for LTJ Bukem (GLO Records) 12”
“The Bloc” Earth 4 compilation” (GLO & Cookin records) LP
“Cost of Life”Secret Fish Cookin Records” (GLO & Cookin records) 12″
2001 “Sudden Urges” 21st Century D&B MIX compilation, React records. CDconly
“From the Rooftops” – Federation records 12″
2002 Remix of Funki Porcini “The Great Drive” By Ninja tune !2″
Remix of the Poets of Rhythm’s – “Fondle Rock” – unreleased
Remix of “Bene” – Herbalsier V Flying Fish 12″
Remix of “Las Chicas” – Easy Access Orchestra 12″
2003 Remix of “Little Pieces of your mind” – Dust CD compilation
2005 START OF SKYLINE RECORDINGSSL45001 Mr Matatwe (Keep it up)” / “Armon’s Theme” 7″



SL45005 Sing It Loud” / “If I Could Fly” 7″ x250 black vinyl & 100 greenSL45010 “Grandstand theme” / “Pipeline” 7″ x400 black vinyl & 100 clear

SL45016 “A Horse with no name / “Fondle Rock remix” 7″

SL45021 “Play for me” (remix) / “Oh My Dayz” 7″ X300 black vinyl & 100 Blue