1 Let The Drums Speak 2:04
2 The Raw 3:11
3 Deeper Love 2:20
4 Purification Full version 7:53
5 Droppin’ 3:39
6 Run For It! 2:06
7 Stop The Bus 3:11
8 The Strut 3:25
9 Wired 4:12
10 Panama 2:54
11 Hotwheels (The Chase) 3:08
12 It All Comes Back To This


This is loaded with some of the monster taken from the “SHINING” CD release.


UK Release date: 12/3/12
Distributed by Kudos in the UK
Distributed by P-Vine in Japan

1. Heaven Shine (VOCAL)
2. Dirty Money (INST)
3. Bushwhacker (INST)
4. Chase The Dream – interlude (INST)
5. Getting It Together (INST)
6. Do Want You Do (INST)
7. Something Becomes The Other (INST)
8. It Aint Never Gonna Work (VOCAL)
9. Stop Think Work It Out (VOCAL)
10. Soul Survivor PT1 (VOCAL)
11. Take down (VOCAL)
12. Persuasion (INST)
13. After the Storm (INST)
14. Darling Dear (VOCAL)

FUNKSHONE is made up of front man Mike Bandoni – Drums, Andy Sedman – Percussion, Danny Huckridge – Bass, Nino Auricchio – Keys, Phil Brookes – Guitar, Patrick Kenny – Trombone, Tom Macleod – Baritone & Tenor Sax, Alex Bezzina – Trumpet, Jaelee Small – Vocals

Funkshone are an original UK funk act created by musician, DJ and producer Mike Bandoni & Nino Auricchio. Formed in 2006 Funkshone have recorded and released a series of vinyl 45’s and an album on UK funk label ‘Skyline Recordings’. The debut release from Funkshone was a limited edition vinyl single entitled ‘Purification Pts 1&2’ on Skyline Recordings. The response to this recording from DJ’s, radio stations and contemporary bands alike in the Funk and Soul scene was a positive one that led to the debut album release in 2008 on the same label entitled ‘Shining’. The initial sound of Funkshone was about old, dirty sounding garage funk records. The kind of records that never really saw the light of day but were swooped on by collectors, DJ’s and producers years later and often sampled for their treasured drum-breaks, riffs and hits.
The first album reflects a transition from Mike playing most of the instruments and writing most of the material to that of a group doing it. Also joining Mike and Nino on production duties is bass player Danny Huckridge who brings a wealth of knowledge and feeling to the new material.
This has also led to a broadening of styles and a change in the sound of the band. From the early days of garage funk and boogaloo breaks, their repertoire has matured and with the release of their second album simply entitled ‘2’ the new material is reminiscent of the sounds of the J.B.’s to The Headhunters through to the kind of 1970’s library classics associated with the likes of KPM and DeWolf. The essence here is of course timeless grooves and above all else; Funk!
This 9-10 piece band now offers a storming live show comprising of original deep funk gems alongside better-known and some not so well known obscure funk covers. Expect wild Funk drum breaks and a razor sharp rhythm section, driven bass lines, killer horn lines and a whole lot of Soul in the vocal department courtesy of the Soul/Funk powerhouse that is Miss Jaelee Small!
Funkshone have played @ Jazz Café London, 100 Club London, Floridita (Soho) London, Band on The Wall Manchester, BBC 6 Music Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show London Extremesport Veko Festival Norway, Vintage Festival London, Satta Outside Festival Lithuania, Sofia Live Club Bulgaria amongst others and have a series of gigs across the UK confirmed for the summer of 2012.
For publishing and live booking enquiries please
All recording and licensing enquiries to Malachi at Skyline Recordings:
Press quotes/Testimonials
Mike Bandoni and the boys have delivered a right old funk bomb on this their already eponymous sophomore album. Sophisticated, refined and truly well honed Funkshone re-establish their credentials as one of the UK’s top funk bands with a vengeance, yes! The planet needs more of this stuff not less.
Rammed with an avalanche of juicy, heavy funk instrumentals with a vast sway of cinematic echoings plus funk 45 vocal tunes such as the exquisite “It Ain’t Never Gonna Work.”
A beautifully balanced album well produced and glued together by Bandoni’s effortless and fluid drumming which starts frantically and builds from there yes, pump out those jams! It’s all here in these 14 songs, concrete proof that the boys are back in town essential listening for the funk music buff. – Blues & Soul Mar 2012
It’s a killer album. It’s as simple as that. I’ll be programming tracks off of it for at least the next two months. – Snowboy Mar 2012
Funkshone really have really set the bar high with 2, and there won’t be many funk records that match this in 2012. One of those albums that you can truly say is all killer, no filler. – Tokyo Jazznotes – Feb 2012

Funkshone are an original funk act from the UK created by musician, DJ and producer Mike Bandoni, Producer Nino Auricchio plus special guests.

Formed in 2006 Funkshone have recorded and released two 45’s on UK funk label ‘Skyline Recordings’. The first title ‘Purification parts 1 & 2’ has now become a deep funk classic amongst the global funk contingent. Due to the popularity of the Funkshone sound, Mike formed the band in early 2007.

Funkshone can be found online or through Skyline Recordings. For further info about booking the Funkshone live band or DJ Set and Vocal P.A, signing new tracks, publishing and licensing at:


What The Critics are saying…
“Hey, that joint is fire!” Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales on Stop The Bus!

“Part 1 is a killing tune bro I need two copies of that to freak at my parties. Really good to hear that good old funk sound done right” – DJ Pogo on Purification parts 1 & 2

“Straight from the gate purification is stompin’ and bucking and then the horns bring ya round the bend to a bonafide funky finale” – Miles Tackett – Breakestra

“Man. Those tracks are great. Funk, funk, funk all the way!” – MJ Cole

“Really like the fact that it’s quite ragged but so tight at the same time. Properly raw mate!” – JUST JACK – Mercury records

“The playing is great, and a nice riff” – Keb Darge on Purification Parts 1 & 2

“Purification is rockin’. keep it nice n Raw. Really good to hear some brass & flute too. Drums are nice n loose. Yeah, that needs to be on a 45” – DJ Prone

“Love it! Your music is funky, I feel the energy ” – Chuck Brown

“Very cool vocals/voice on ‘Droppin’ and laid back funk with ‘The Raw’. Keep them comin” – Michael Ruetten – SOULSEARCHING
the compost radioshow Germany

“There’s only good and bad music in this world, and as I’m sure many have told you Sir, yours falls into the category of exceptional music…A joy to listen to.” – Tony Portelli (author) The Music Industry Raw Book

Mike Bandoni
Email :
Phone: 07754 171 507