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“Storyteller EP” Flying Fish
“Red Dog Saloon” remixes Flying Fish
“Theme EP” Flying Fish
”Blow” 12″ Flying Fish
“Sudden Urges” Flying Fish
“From the Rooftops” 12″ Flying Fish
SL45001 A Mr Matatwe (Keep it up)” 7″ Flying Fish
SL45001 B “Armon’s Theme” 7″ Flying Fish
SL45005 A Sing It Loud” 7″ Flying Fish
SL45005 B “If I Could Fly” 7″ Flying Fish
SL45010 A “Grandstand theme” 7″ Flying Fish
SL45010 B “Pipeline” 7″ Flying Fish
SL45016 A “A Horse with no name” 7″ Flying Fish
SL45016 B “Fondle Rock remix” 7″ Flying Fish
SL45021 A “Play for me” (remix) 7″ Flying Fish
SL45021 B “Oh My Dayz” 7″ Flying Fish
SL45002 A Delicious All Stars  – Poker night Delicious Allstars
SL45002 B Delicious All Stars  – Mooging day Delicious Allstars
SL45008 A Delicious All stars The LolliPop pt1 / Featuring Jocelyn brown Delicious Allstars
SL45008 B Delicious All stars The LolliPop pt2 / Featuring Jocelyn brown Delicious Allstars
SL45011 A Delicious All stars Gritweed Delicious Allstars
SL45011 B Delicious All stars Afrolationo Delicious Allstars
“SHINING” 12″ Heavy weight 180g vinyl Funkshone
FUNKSHONE ALBUM “TWO” UK 12 tracks Vinyl Funkshone
SL45006 A Amores Bongo The Herbaliser
SL45006 B Bongo boom The Herbaliser
SL45017 A O.Teeba remix Of “The Blend” The Herbaliser
SL45017 B JLarge remix Of “The Blend” The Herbaliser
SL45009 A Work pt1/2   Featuring Jessica Darling The Family Fortune
SL45019 B UNRELEASED The Family Fortune


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